Pantyhose Babe Rita Gets Cum On Her Nylon Soles


Pantyhose Babe Rita Gets Cum On Her Nylon Soles

Rita arrived home from a hard day at work and sat on the stairs rubbing her tired, pantyhosed feet and ankles. Her ankle hurt from standing all day in her heels, and her boyfriend Don came over and began massaging her legs.

She loved how his big strong hands felt on her nyloned legs, enjoying the exquisite sensation of relief as it spread through her body.

He massaged her tired feet for her, then started nibbling at her pantyhosed toes, which she found incredibly arousing.

He licked her nyloned feet, then worked his hand up her pantyhosed leg, slowly sliding it towards her pussy hiding beneath her skirt.

His hand found her pantyhosed crotch, and her legs opened wide as he rubbed at her panties behind the nylon mesh of her hose. Her pantie area was warm and damp, as she has been wearing her panties and tights all day, but his expert hands make her even wetter.

Now extremely horny, Rita unziped Don’s jeans and began sucking on his dick. He continued to rub her pussy, pushing his hands down the front panel of her hose and fingering her wet slit.

Rita then stood him up and wanked his cock between the soles of her nylon covered feet, enjoying the sensation of having his throbbing cock sandwiched between her nyloned peds.

Don stood Rita up and bent her over the railing, lifting her skirt and pulling away her pantyhose and panties to one side. His cock penetrated her hot pussy with ease, she was so wet and ready, and fucked her hard from behind, reaming her cunt with his thick, hard prick.

They fucked in many positions, fucking with her pantyhose stretched across her thighs, before he finally pulled out his cock and shot his thick white cum all over the soles of her pantyhosed feet.


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