Angel’s Nylon Pantyhose Cum Foot Job


Angel Uses Her Expert Feet To A Nylon Pantyhose Foot Job

Angel was feeling really sexy in her nylon pantyhose, with their smooth flawless look, and the silky smooth touch of the nylon against her legs and ass.

She also loved the way they made her pussy look and rubbed herself through the pantyhose, enjoying the incredible sensation of the nylon texture as it moved over her slit, and the hard bud of her clitoris.

Her partner also loved the way Angel looked in her sexy pantyhose, particularly the way it encased her cunt and ass. He just had to put his hands down the nylon front panel of the pantyhose and play with her pussy, opening her wet slit with his fingers and rubbing her hot clitty.

Feeling incredibly aroused by his fingers massaging her cunt, Angel pulled him onto the bed with her and she began playing their favorite foot sex game.  Rubbing his erection with the soles of her nyloned feet, she moved them over the crown of his cock, making the pleasure that much more sexy and erotic.

After she wanked his cock between her feet, he stood up and she squatted beside him as she sucked his cock. Pleasuring her pussy with one hand through the mesh of her pantyhosed crotch, Angel climaxed in her nylon hose.

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Angel Gives A Nylon Foot Job And Soaks Her Stockinged Feet In A Sticky Cum Load

Blonde Cocksucker In Stockings Giving Blowjob And Nylon Foot Job Video

Watch Angel Masturbate This Erect Cock With Her Stockinged Feet

Have you ever felt the erotic sensation of nylon stockinged feet brushing against your your erect cock?

Genuine full-fashioned nylon stockings with reinforced heel and toes not only feel good on ladies legs and feet, they also feel great wrapped around a big stiff cock!

In this video, Angel gets Thor prepared by teasing his cock with her tongue, and wrapping her mouth around his throbbing cockhead until he is almost cumming.

Then she sandwiches his erection between the warm nyloned soles of her stockinged feet and wanks his cock until he spurts his cream all over the place.

Then Angel soaks her stocking feet in his sticky sperm load, and lets it seep between her toes as she spreads the sticky mess over his belly.

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Lucy Van Angel’s Nylon Stocking Cum Job


Lucy Van Angel Gives A Nylon Stocking Foot And Hand Cum Job

Jose had always been a man with a secret love of sexy, nyloned feet. While out he met Lucy wearing the sexiest looking legs in nylons he had ever seen.

He knew instantly that he had to have the soles of those Cuban heeled stockings wrapped around his cock.

He complemented Lucy on her fabulous legs in her Cuban Heeled nylons and she invited him back to her place for some nylon stocking fun.

He laid down and waited for her to start teasing him with her stockings. She rolled off one stocking and placed both feet around his cock. Lucy noticed how much this turned Jose on and continued to give him the best foot sex he has ever experienced.

She rubbed her silky smooth stockinged soles up and down his cock, using both of her feet covered those silky mocha stockings. This caused Jose to feel pleasure in the most profound way, such that his fully erect cock throbbed under the delicate touch of  her dexterous nyloned peds.

Lucy wanked his stiff cock with long, sexy strokes of her stockinged soles, and Jose no longer unable to hold back his sperm, shot his sticky cum all over Lucy’s beautiful stocking covered feet.

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Melanie Memphis Gives A Nylon Pantyhose Foot Job

Melanie Memphis Gives A Nylon Pantyhose Foot Job


Sexy Melanie Memphis performs an awesome foot job with her pantyhosed feet on Choky’s cock in this video at Hot Legs & Feet.

There’s something rather special about having a nylon foot job and Melanie shows exactly how it should be done (girls take note).

Melanie knew that Chocky loves girls wearing sexy fashion pantyhose, so she deliberately wore some in order to excite and entice his cock to full erection.

When she unzipped his fly, his flange was already stiff and ready for action, and Melanie sandwiched the soles of her pantyhosed feet right around Choky’s big cock!

She stroked his cock with the soles of her nylon covered feet, using her instep to nuzzle and tickle his balls with her toes.

Laying on her belly, Melanie again sandwiched his cock between her feet as he stood naked behind her. Swinging her lower legs back and forth she wanked his hard cock, giving Chocky a great view of her ass and pussy as her pretty pantyhosed feet worked his cock up to a climax.

Taking her pantyhose off for the finale, Melanie gave him a bare foot wank and he shot his hot sticky cum all over her naked feet.


Lana Cox Puts Her Nylon Stocking Around A Cock And Sucks It Off

Cocksucking Blonde Slut In Nylon Stocking Sucks Cock Covered In Nylon Cum Video


Lana had been thinking about dick all day long, and feeling in the mood for having a huge dick pushed deep inside her mouth, she called her fuck buddy to come on over and give her what she needs.

All it takes is one call and he delivers Lana a large portion of dick, whether she wants to suck his cock or just get fucked hard in her fucking cunt. The guy loves it especially when she sucks him off, because her mouth was just made for sucking dick and she is an expert cocksucker.

When he arrived she immediately unzipped his trousers and took out his big shlong, rubbing her sexy stockinged feet all over that big cock of his and making it ready to put in her slutty mouth.

Lana could feel his dick getting bigger and harder as she stroked his erection with her petite stockinged feet. Gagging for his dick, Lana could no longer resist and wrapped her cocksucking mouth around his bell end and sucked his thick cock into the back of her throat.

Then taking off one of her nylon stockings, she wrapped it around his throbbing erection and sucked on his stiff knob-end, while she teased his balls with her other hand until he ejaculated lots of thick white cum.



Leggy Larissa Giving An Nylon Pantyhose & Stockinged Foot Job

Leggy Larissa Cock In Nylon Pantyhose Stocking Hand Wank Cum

Leggy Larissa Sucking A Cock In Nylon And Giving A Pantyhose Footjob

Leggy Larissa loves giving sexy nylon foot jobs when she is wearing stockings or nylon pantyhose as seen here in this video.

She’s an expert a giving nylon feet in pantyhose foot jobs, hands in stocking masturbation and blowing cocks coved in nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Larissa also likes to masturbate in her nylon pantyhose, either using a vibrator or stuffing her hose up her pussy.

With her long legs encased in lovely nylon pantyhose or stockings, Larissa enjoys massaging nyloned cocks between the arches of her silky nyloned feet.


Angel’s Nylon Covered Feet Masturbating Her Lover’s Cock

Angel's Nylon Covered Feet Masturbating Her Lover's Cock

Angel uses her nylon covered feet to masturbate her lover’s cock in this photo set at Nylon Angel.

Angel Lovette is a pure nylon fetishist who enjoys wearing all types of stockings and pantyhose, even sometimes both at the same time.

Her site presents a strong focus on feet in nylons and heels, and she has teasing with her nylon covered legs and feet down to a fine art.

If like to see ladies in nylon stockings or pantyhose, dangling their heels, slipping them off and presenting their lovely feet for you to view, then Nylon Angel is one you will enjoy, I am sure.

Not only does she loves to show you her legs and feet, she loves wrapping her nyloned soles around a hard cock, giving it a good rubbing and making it cum.


Mistress Sue Forces Slave To Cum On Nylon Gloves


Mistress Sue Forces Slave To Cum On Nylon Gloves

Sue loves playing with cocks and nylon, and nothing makes her feel hornier than teasing her slave with her nylon stockings.

She called her nylon slave into her bedroom, where she removed her robe to reveal her hot and sexy body in black lingerie and black nylon stockings.

Pulling out two pairs of nylons she used one to tie around her slave’s big hard erection, and taking the second pair of stockings, pulled it over the shaft of his cock.

Sue then licked and rubbed his nylon encased cock in the most provocative way, rubbing the soft nylon gloves she is wearing all over her body, enjoying the warm sensation on nylon against her skin.

Her slave watches her hot act, and Sue takes his cock and rubs it against other parts of her body, her arms, her breasts, and her big soft lips.

Sue then uses the nylon stockings and rubs them slowly and softly against his cock, causing his member to become even more erect. Using her hands she wanks his cock with one hand until her slave cums all over her stockings and black nylon gloves.

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Lucy Van Angel Gets Cum Over Her Feet In Black Fashion Pantyhose


Lucy Van Angel Gets Cum Over Her Feet In Black Fashion Pantyhose

Lucy and Antonio are getting ready for a night out when Lucy comes out of the closet just wearing her bra and her sexy black fashion pantyhose.

Antonio gets aroused at how hot Lucy looks in her nylons, pulls her towards him and tells her how turned on he is by her sexy ass in that fashion pantyhose

Lucy gets on the bed and begins rubbing her pussy through her nylon crotch to really get Antonio going, and he crawls on the bed longing to have those hot black pantyhose against his big hard cock.

Lucy starts to rub his cock with the sole of her pantyhosed feet massaging his cock with the soft underfoot of her stockinged foot. Then she sandwiches his cock between both feet and wanks his bulging erection almost to the point of cumming, but stopping just short.

Antonio can’t believe how good this feels and begs for more, so Lucy removes one foot from the pantyhose, puts her hand in the nylon foot, and gives him him a hand job, stroking his cock with the soft, warm pantyhose in her hand.

Antonio grabs and rolls Lucy on top of him, puts his throbbing cock in her pussy and she rides his stiff cock, making she to rub the pantyhosed legs against his as she bounces up and down.

When Lucy sees that Antonio is about to cum, she pulls his cock out of her pussy and finishes him off using her feet. He ejaculates a large amount of thick, sticky cum, splashing it over her beautiful pantyhosed feet.

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Pantyhose Babe Rita Gets Cum On Her Nylon Soles


Pantyhose Babe Rita Gets Cum On Her Nylon Soles

Rita arrived home from a hard day at work and sat on the stairs rubbing her tired, pantyhosed feet and ankles. Her ankle hurt from standing all day in her heels, and her boyfriend Don came over and began massaging her legs.

She loved how his big strong hands felt on her nyloned legs, enjoying the exquisite sensation of relief as it spread through her body.

He massaged her tired feet for her, then started nibbling at her pantyhosed toes, which she found incredibly arousing.

He licked her nyloned feet, then worked his hand up her pantyhosed leg, slowly sliding it towards her pussy hiding beneath her skirt.

His hand found her pantyhosed crotch, and her legs opened wide as he rubbed at her panties behind the nylon mesh of her hose. Her pantie area was warm and damp, as she has been wearing her panties and tights all day, but his expert hands make her even wetter.

Now extremely horny, Rita unziped Don’s jeans and began sucking on his dick. He continued to rub her pussy, pushing his hands down the front panel of her hose and fingering her wet slit.

Rita then stood him up and wanked his cock between the soles of her nylon covered feet, enjoying the sensation of having his throbbing cock sandwiched between her nyloned peds.

Don stood Rita up and bent her over the railing, lifting her skirt and pulling away her pantyhose and panties to one side. His cock penetrated her hot pussy with ease, she was so wet and ready, and fucked her hard from behind, reaming her cunt with his thick, hard prick.

They fucked in many positions, fucking with her pantyhose stretched across her thighs, before he finally pulled out his cock and shot his thick white cum all over the soles of her pantyhosed feet.